Racoon International Hair Extension Specialists Bath

Multi-award-winning Racoon International is the number-one supplier of high-quality, glamorous human hair extensions and they are now available in Bath!

They use 100% human hair and they have very strict guidelines to ensure the best quality hair is sourced and delivered. All of their products are scientifically proven to keep natural hair safe and healthy, and are endorsed by an independent trichologist.

Hair extensions have moved on a long way from the early days of celebs and footballer's wives. They are now a cost effective styling essential that can give you the look of your dreams in an instant whether it be partial colour, added thickness or bypassing that 'awkward in between' stage of growing your hair.

Our Racoon Specialists are highly trained and apply the extensions so discreetly that no one would ever know you had hair extensions! If you want the very best hair extensions in bath, we offer outstanding service and fabulous quality.

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Racoon Hair Extensions


Racoon International Hair Extensions
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